About the USBA

The United States Blowgun Association is dedicated to promoting the sport of blowgun target shooting in the United States as well as working toward an international consensus on the interpretation of the rules for ten meter points competitions as set forth by the International Fukiyado Association (I.F.A.) located in Japan.

Blowgun target competition is extremely popular in Japan with an estimated 20,000 people competing regularly, and their largest organization, Japan Sports Fukiya Association (JSFA), has recently opened a branch in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is also growing in popularity in France and Germany.

In the United States, things have gotten off to a rather rocky start with the first two national level organizations ceasing operations a few years after their inception and a third faltering recently leaving members in a cloud of uncertainty. For this reason the United States Blowgun Association has been formed to create a stable and lasting organization providing a permanent home for blowgun enthusiasts in this country.

The USBA is an IFA affiliate and conforms to IFA rules and regulations. Previous national organizations have limited the equipment used in sanctioned competition to establish standards to ensure a "level playing field." No clear advantage has been shown to exist with any particular blowgun caliber or type of dart used. The only apparent means of improving accuracy is to increase the length of the blowgun and to practice. The IFA has set a maximum barrel length of 120 centimeters or 48 inches and that is the only limitation the IFA and USBA have regarding the blowgun.

Since IFA rules assume that all darts will have a single point, there are no limitations on the type of dart used. USBA rules add that all darts must have only one point and that no broad head, spear head, barbed or stun darts are permitted. If a competitor's darts will cause excessive damage to the backstop they will be required to furnish an adequate backstop.

You can find the rules, download targets and score sheets, and learn of upcoming competitions and the current standings of USBA members on this site. Thank you for your interest in sport blowgun competition and we hope you join or start a local club soon!

- - - Steve Damon, Lawton First Blowgunners - - -

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