USBA Sports Blowgun Competition Rules

International Fukiyado Association (IFA) Rules

Nov 23, 1998 (Revised Aug 25, 2006) by Dr. Hironori Higuchi
Revised Sept 6, 2008 by Steve Damon for clarification and USBA additions.

Points Competition

  1. The target consists of three concentric rings with a radius of 3, 6, and 9 cm and point values of 7, 5, and 3 respectively.
  2. The height of the target center is 160 cm (5 ft 3 in).
  3. The shooting line is 4 to 10 meters from the target depending on the rank of the shooter.
    Equivalent distances (to the nearest 0.5 ft) are:
    • 4 m = 13 ft
    • 5 m = 16.5 ft
    • 6 m = 19.5 ft
    • 7 m = 23 ft
    • 8 m = 26 ft
    • 9 m = 29.5 ft
    • 10 m = 33 ft or 11 yards
  4. The player shoots 5 darts in one round. One game is from 2 to 6 rounds depending on the rank of the shooter.
  5. One round is 3 minutes, if a player can't shoot 5 darts within that time the points beyond that time are not counted. The total time allotted for six rounds (one complete game) is 25 minutes which includes the time needed to record the scores.
  6. Competitors should not remove darts from the target until an agreement is reached with the score keeper on the points earned in the round.
  7. The maximum length of the blowgun is 120 cm or 48 inches. There are no restrictions on the weight or caliber of the blowgun. Any type of dart may be used and there are no restrictions on dart weight or length. There are no restrictions on accessories for the blowgun.
    The USBA adds following exceptions and clarifications:
    • Comercial mouth pieces and muzzle guards typically extend beyond the tube and are not considered part of the total length however any custom barrel accessories such as porting, counterweights or afterblow must not extend beyond the 48 inch length limit.
    • All darts must have only a single point and no broad head, spear head, barbed or stun darts are permitted.
    • The length of the darts used cannot exceed the length of the blowgun.
    • If a competitor's darts will cause excessive damage to the backstop as determined by the competition host they will be required to furnish an adequate backstop.
    • Laser sights and rear sights are not allowed. It is illegal to align two points that are both connected to the blowgun as when sighting a rifle.
    • Supports, rests or devices which would create a stable base on which the barrel can rest are not allowed. A rest is allowed for people with physical challenges which would prevent them from competing without such a device but they must allow two inches of horizontal travel perpendicular to the barrel.
    • Pistol grips are not allowed unless needed by a competitor who is physically challenged.
    • Darts must be blown using the competitors respiratory system and without any storage devices or mechanical aids.
  8. When a dart hits the line between scoring zones on the target the points of the higher point zone are counted. The USBA adds:
    • If the diameter of the dart shaft exceeds .047" a wide-lined target should be used and the higher points awarded only if the dart contacts the area inside the dividing line. For darts with a shaft larger than 1/8" (0.125") in diameter refer to rule 20.
    • If a dart pierces another dart which is already in the target (Robin Hood) and remains bound by the material of the pierced dart it is awarded the same point value as the dart that it pierced.
  9. If a player drops or accidentally expels a dart which can be retrieved with the blowgun without stepping beyond the firing line the dart may be reused. If the dart can not be recovered without crossing the firing line the dart is counted as zero points.
  10. N/A - See rule 19.
  11. 15 minutes before the competition players can shoot three practice darts. Added by the USBA:
    • The amount of practice to be allowed before the competition begins is at the discretion of the competition host.
  12. Other problems should be solved by the competition host and players talking together.
  13. N/A
  14. Smoking is not allowed at competitions.
  15. If a player shoots more than five darts in one round, the highest scoring dart(s) are removed and scored as zero points until only five darts remain. These five are scored in the usual fashion.
  16. The height of the target center is 125 cm (4 ft 1 in) for a competitor in a wheelchair.
  17. If a dart rebounds from the target, the player can shoot one more.
  18. When a player shoots 2 fukiya style cone darts at the same time by mistake it is regarded as one dart if they remain together in the target. Wire and bamboo darts are not regarded as one dart.
  19. A tie for first place may be broken with a three dart "shoot-off" and, if necessary, continue until the tie is broken.
  20. A wire ring must be attached to the target for any competitor who wishes to use darts with a shaft diameter greater than1/8".
    • If a wire ring is not available then if 50% or more of the target damage is inside the outside edge of the dividing line the higher points are awarded. The IFA does not recognize such scores and for this reason the USBA cannot recognize any score earned using this scoring method as a new world record or as a tie of an existing record.

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