Old News (2008)

News from Neondog about the Lawton competition on December 20.

A total of 72 games were shot. Wait a minute... that doesn't sound right... oh .. OK! make that 72 darts! Yup. We were a little late getting everything set up. While I readied a couple of makeshift scorecards, Ron (With The Wind) shot twelve practice darts. Main problem was the aromas coming out of the kitchen. Made it very hard to concentrate.

I could tell by the smell that serving time was near, so Ron and I quickly knocked out one game. There were some brief inquiries but it was obvious by the flow of the crowd (about sixty people) and from our scores (about twenty points below our averages) that all interests were turning toward the chow (from left to right: Chicken Long Rice, Kahlua pig, Lil' Smokies, Pork Ribs, Spam-Daikon Musubi, Pork Lau-Lau, Ham, Shoyu Chicken, Beef Brisket, Rice, dinner rolls and Lomi-Lomi Salmon.

There were about twice as many desert dishes as there were main dishes so time was at a premium! As soon as we could secure all darts, we started filling plates, emptying them and repeating.

The majority of the people were still trekking back and forth from their chairs to the desert tables when the hulas began. After about twenty tunes and a wide array of Polynesian performances, it was getting late and people had begun gathering belongings for the trip home so we decided that we might as well call it a day as well.

Not at all exciting as tournaments go, but all in all, a delightful evening.

Congratulations to Dave Vonch who is a new Master Level 1 title holder
with scores of 188, 188, and 186.

Look out, Neon! He's nipping at your heels. Congratulations also to Jeremiah Vonch who earned his second Bronze result.

A note to Dana and others who still have no rank: You need to compete from a closer distance until you can qualify for a rank and title and then move back as your skill improves.

News from the Indiana competition on Nov. 1 from Dave Vonch:

Well, we did have our tourney today. It was just me, my wife, my brother and his wife, but it was a beautiful day and we still had fun. It's been hectic here lately for me with this new move/job, but i still find time to practice and have actually made some nice revisions on my blowgun. I work in kinda like a machine shop, so I get to play with all the toys. The scores were:

  • Dave Vonch 174, 178, 186, 188
  • Jeremiah Vonch 130, 142, 138, 152
  • Michelle Vonch 116 112, 120, 116
  • Dana Vonch 80, 88, 76, 92

News from Neondog about the competition in Lawton on Oct. 18:

Some times you are a "stranded shooter" and you don't even know it. Due to some schedule overlaps and unexpected events, Joe Fife and myself were the only ones in attendance at the October competition. It did give us the opportunity to discuss tentative plans for our part in Ohio's July fourth exhibition however so it wasn't a totally bad thing. As far as I'm concerned, if you can get one guy to come and shoot with you, you did good!

There were no rank advancements. I had the higher scores with 186, 176, 186, 186, 190, 186, 190 and 182. Take the lead MysticaL and give me something to shoot at, eh?

Congratulations to Dave Vonch who earned the Sapphire rank
and to Jeremiah Vonch who is now Bronze.

News from the Indiana competition on Sept. 27 hosted by Dave Vonch:

We had a great time at the tourney. I went ahead and moved it back to Madison, IN. It was a little windy so we went up there. We had 6 people shooting in it. We shot 5 games, with my scores being 168, 176, 178, 188 and 184.

I have always used a close tolerance 50 caliber 48" blowgun for my tourneys, but for this one I switched to my 40 caliber Tufram. Most of us shot 5 games, but Bud had to go, and my son got tired, so they only shot three. I shot good, I was hoping to do a little better, but I'm still happy with it.

I also shot a distance competition and made it to 22 meters, and my brother made it to 16 meters.

Madison, IN group picture
From right to left, Michelle, Dave and son Tristin, Dana and Jeremiah, then Bud and Dana's son.

Scores from Indiana on Sept. 27:


The competition in Ohio on Sept. 14 was canceled due to extremely bad weather.

The Lawton First Blowgunners competition on Sept. 13 was attended by five members:

Neondog and Lani, Ron Damon, Joe Fife and Brooke Fife. Though no new personal high scores were earned, the high score for the competition was 186 by Neondog.

Lawton, OK group picture

Neondog, Lani, Joe Fife and Brooke Fife

First USBA Master Level 1 Title Awarded

Congratulations to NeonDog who is the first person to be awarded the Master Level 1 title in the USBA with the following scores: 188 on 03-11-2006, 186 on 10-14-2006, 186 on 08-09-2008.

The United States Blowgun Association honors all scores from prior sanctioned events.

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