Old News (2009)

News from Madison, IN for Dec. 19 from Dave Vonch.

Only Me, my brother, my wife, and my son shot in this tourney. It was cold, and not a good turnout, also no one broke any of their previous scores.

Lawton News for October 17 from Neondog

First off, I'd like to tell you how incredibly hard the wind was blowing inside the youth building Saturday. Then I'd like to relay the facts about the relentless downpour of rain we endured but there was no wind and not a drop of rain. I have no excuse for our scores:

  • Neondog - 169, 155, 159
  • Ron-with-the-Wind - 144, 139, 144
  • Joe Fife - 132, 109

Luckily my wife was in Dallas, Texas with some of her friends and didn't witness the tragedy.

Despite the lower than average scores, we had a really good time. Me and Ron are well accustomed to being laughed at by one another and if I didn't know better (and I do) I'd have thought that Joe had been drinking some o' dat masticated masato dey prefer in Peru jejeje!

It's looking like it may be spring before the building is again available on a Saturday so any attempts I make at a new world record in the near future will most likely be as a stranded shooter. In order to avoid having to post any more scores like the ones above I will wait until I have revived my practice routine before scheduling!

Note: A score that ties an existing record or would break an existing world record will have an asterisk by it to note that the score was submitted by a Stranded Shooter.

Rule 7 Changed on September 26, 2009

An exchange of messages between Neondog and Fukiyaman on the Blowgun Forum resulted in a clarification of the IFA position concerning the addition of an "afterblow" (stabilizer or silencer). As a result, our rule has been changed.


  • Mouth pieces and muzzle guards typically extend beyond the tube and are not considered part of the total length.
  • The barrel length is defined as the actual tube or the length of the device which controls the path of the dart or is sized to fit the dart (same caliber). Any accessory which extends beyond the maximum length of the blowgun must not be the same inside diameter as the blowgun and the difference must be visually obvious.
    Silencer (stabilizer) which has larger bore than the inner should not (be) used at competition. Hironori Higuchi


  • Comercial mouth pieces and muzzle guards typically extend beyond the tube and are not considered part of the total length however any custom barrel accessories such as porting, counterweights or afterblow must not extend beyond the 48 inch length limit.

September 26 Madison, IN news from Dave aka MysticaL

Well it was a nice day to shoot, weather was nice, but that didn't matter, because we were shooting inside my sister's garage. There were 8 of us shooting, with many others just playing around afterwards. No records were broke, but I do feel that with the practice I put in last summer that I could break my highest scores with this new blowgun. Everyone shot at the 10 meter distance, even my son. He's 10 and doesn't want to look like he can't shoot with the rest of us, lol. The scores looked like this:

David Vonch 170, 176, 166, 176 and 178
Jeremiah Vonch 144, 152, 156, 152 and 156
Michelle Vonch 110, 118, 102, 130, and 126
Dana Vonch 90, 102, 108, 100, and 100
Eric Merten 126, 122, 100, 112, and 122
Alex Zapp 126, 120, 118, 132, and 108
Bud Bishop 108, 112, and 124
Tristin Feutz 76, 70, and 108

Distance scores were like this:

Dave Vonch - 21m, and 22m
Jeremiah Vonch 16m and 14m
Eric Merten 13m and 14m

I did use an afterblow on my blowgun. The actual length of my blowgun now is 47-3/16". I didn't know you guys were going to change the rule and make it legal, so I wasn't going to post my scores, so thank you because I've gotten use to it, and I think it makes a difference on someone that has a powerful blow.

I like the idea of an afterblow, and counterweights, but not lasers, scopes, rear sights or tripods. It seems to me that if these things were ever incorporated in tourney use, then the 6, 12, and 18mm circles will have to be drastically reduced as accuracy will be nearly perfect. Robinhood after robinhood, (just my opinion).

Lawton September 19 Competition

No new personal bests again this month but a good time was had by all (Joe Fife, Ron Damon, Lani, and Neondog.) Joe tried out his new 48" .402" ID stainless steel 316L blowgun. He said he likes the feel of the heavier blowgun, but it didn't help his scores on this occasion. This tube has a slightly smaller bore than commercial .40 caliber blowguns and you need to test your darts to make sure they will pass through the blowgun with no drag. Neondog turned in the most respectable scores with 180, 180, and 172.

News from Brian Garrett about Madison, VA on August 22

We had another great time. It was Gary, Josh and myself. The comp started off a bit slow but after a game or two scores started to rise nicely. Both Gary and Josh posted scores that should advance them. I was not shooting as well as I wanted. We got 4 good games in and then the fun begain. We shoot in my basement and the power went out due to a storm. Can't shoot outside because of the weather. Well we took several headlamps and flashlights and lit the target as best we could and kept at it. We only shot two more rounds because all of our scores just went down hill. It is amazing how the light/dark contrast will mess with your eyes. All in all it was a good time. Can't wait to do it again.

Note: Josh Turner had a good day, earning the Gold rank with a score of 180. This moves him ahead of Gary Huff in the standings. Gary's high score for the day was 170 and Garrett had a 184. It's going to be hard to top that string of 190s you have, Garrett!

Neondog Reporting From Lawton About August 22 Competition

Just me and Joe Fife shooting in Lawton this month.Several other shooters voiced a desire to be there but between overdue yard work, unexpected obligations and in one case, oversleeping were unable to attend.

I shot a 182 which was about what I was expecting and Joe wasn't getting the scores he wanted either so after a couple games and quite a bit of off-topic discussion we reached the half-way point of the scheduled activity and decided to pull the plug.

I was a little glad to get out early because I'd learned last night that there were going to be a fair sized group of guys meeting on a farm west of Cache to play with firearms and archery equipment. I don't own a bow and had no ammo for my shotguns so I took a fifty caliber close tolerance and my atlatl and two six foot darts.

I only fired six darts but misjudged the distance. Couldn't see where I was hitting also. Yellow darts at a weathered white archery cube from about twenty yards in heavy shade. I hit about three inches below the stomach of the deer image but the archers were impressed by the grouping.

Then we started walking a long path through a heavily wooded area with about twenty 3-D targets, mostly deer, turkeys, havalinas and a couple antelope set at distances ranging from twenty to thirty-eight yards. In this area I tried the atlatl. Several of the targets were in cover too dense to allow for the higher trajectory of the atlatl darts. I was starting to think I wouldn't get to pull any of my darts from a target when we came to a 3-d elk. They all nailed it from about thirtyeight yards. I sent my first dart over it's back. I guess my buddies were starting to feel sorry for me. At their suggestion, I scooted up to about twenty-five yards and got a kill shot. 87% luck but it was still pretty cool.

I'm gonna have to start making some more darts for that thing and adding it into my practice routine! Found out tonight that it is legal to hunt with the atlatl in Montana during the general rifle season as long as you stick to the basic hunting rules-wear hunter's orange, have a valid license, and shoot only during daylight hours. Pretty sure Ohio let's you "harvest" with them also. Who knows, maybe Texas will allow it before long?

News from Lawton, OK for July 18

Just Neondog and Ron Damon in my back yard. His scores were 164, 173, 180 and 171. I shot a 180, 180, 176, 180 and 182. We had some pretty intense sunshine during the early afternoon and some light wind later on. No rain, no complaints. - Neondog

"Old Wayne" Wilson Joins the USBA

The United States Blowgun Association is proud to announce that Old Wayne is a member of the USBA as of July 12, 2009. He brings with him a score of 198 which he earned on June 11, 2005 at a sanctioned competition held by the National Sport Blowgun Association. That was the highest score in the world at that time and entitles him to the Ruby rank in the USBA. Welcome aboard, Wayne!

July 4th Exhibition in Ohio

Read the news and see the pictures on the blowgun forum.

June 20, 2009 News:

Lawton, OK - There were no new personal bests in Lawton this month. Participants were Joe Fife, Ron Damon, Lani and myself. My scores were 192, 171, 190, 180 and 177. I spent the last two weeks shooting in triple digit temperatures so I didn't need to clean any moisture from the barrel. That's the nice thing about hot weather. It was much cooler shooting inside today but since I was out of the habit of cleaning, I left the moisture in the bore and I think that hurt my scores a bit. Hopefully it will be a very warm day in Ohio on July 4th. - Neondog

Madison, VA - It was just Gary and I again. Both ended up having some decent scores. Need to put in more practice between comps so that maybe I can get that elusive 194. Can't wait until the next one. - Garrett

News from Lawton, OK for May 16

Once again it was clear that none of this months competitors at the Lawton, Oklahoma competition had spent enough time, if any, practicing with all participants shooting a full rank lower than their current standings. I'm hoping that Garrett and anyone who had the chance to join him did MUCH better at the Madison, Virginia meet. - Neondog

The best personal result at the Lawton competition was turned in by Lani with a score of 146 from nine meters. She has previously earned the Expert Level 1 title with three scores over 120 points from ten meters under the old ranking system. She is now trying to re-qualify for that title under the new rule which requires three scores of 150 points or better from nine meters. You go, girl! - Ron Damon

News from Madison, VA for May 16

It was just Gary and I shooting in Madison Va. I shot 182,176,190. Gary was having an off day with 146,157,143. I am happy with my scores, but I need to practice more so that I can hit the 194 mark. Hopefully next time we will post some scores that move us up again. We had a good time and can't wait until next month to do it again. - Brian Garrett

News from Lawton on April 18

It was just Joe and I Saturday. We spent a couple hours with "last minute" preparations for the Wild-Game dinner and some discussion of the Ohio exhibition. Joe had to go to Ardmore after the shoot and wanted to have supper before he left so we wound up trying to complete three games in forty minutes. Should have tried for two or, better yet, should have practiced. We both had very impressive early rounds but then the wheels came off. Nothing above silver.

Scores from March 14 competitions

Congratulations to Brian Garrett on becoming the newest Master Level 1 title holder with scores of 186 186 and adding a 190 at this weeks competition in Virginia. Gary Huff got his first Gold and Josh Turner knocked out three Silvers to move up to Expert Level 3.

In Oklahoma, Joe Fife got his third Gold moving him up to Expert Level 4 and his wife Brooke averaged 5.2 points per dart at four meters moving up to Bee.

News from the Madison, Indiana competition on February 15 from Dave Vonch.

We had 7 people show up, with some watching that want in it next time. It's been cold up here, so we haven't had much practice time, so no record breaking scores, but a good time. I shot another 24 meters in the distance shoot, while my brother Jeremiah shot 15 meters. This past weekend scores were like this, all shot at 10 meters:

  • Dave Vonch 178, 176, 186, 182, 184
  • Jeremiah Vonch 142, 130, 142, 148, 138
  • Michelle Vonch 122, 118, 108, 126, 122
  • Dana Vonch 74, 80, 84, 70, 86
  • Bud Bishop 90, 82, 72, 88, 102
  • Tristin Feutz 72, 80, 84, 80, 88
  • Erik Merten 118, 108, 122, 104, 112

Congratulations to Brian, Josh, and Gary on your first USBA competition!

Brian turned in some excellent scores of 186, 185, and 177 to earn the Sapphire rank and the Expert Level 4 title. Josh and Gary both earned the Novice Level 3 title. Josh had a score of 166 from 10 meters to earn the Silver rank and Gary scored a 157 from 9 meters for the Iron rank. Way to go guys.

News from the Brightwood, Virginia competition on January 31 from Brian Garrett.

We had a great time and can't wait to do it again. We started at 7 meters and worked our way up to 10 meters so that we would all have some rank. We are trying to spread the fever to any and everyone that we can.



News from Dave Vonch aka MysticaL about the Madison, Indiana competition on January 3.

Well the New Years tourney took place, but not quite as planed. By no choice of mine the garage wasn't available, so we had to have it outside. It was cold and a little rainy. We did have a nice turn out though, with me, my wife, my son, my brother, his wife and a friend of mine from Louisville. My son and my brother's wife decided to move up to a closer distance to try and create better scores. We all shot only 3 games because of the weather conditions, but afterwards me and my brother shot a distance competition with my wife as a witness. I shot 23 meters to add 1 meter to my last score of 22, and my brother shot a 16 meter to match his last score. After all was done we had some fun with a ping pong ball. We set up a 4x8' sheet of styrophome against the wall, then we would bounce the ball and standing roughly 10-15 feet from it, we would try and hit it. I pinged it a few times, and so did my brother, but it was just all in fun. I really hope my next tourney, we can have a better turn out. I know this wasn't the best time in the world to have a tournament, but I was wanting one. Our scores turned out like this:


  • Dave Vonch aka MysticaL shot a 166, 172 and a 176
  • Michelle Vonch shot a 118, 108, 112
  • Jeremiah Vonch shot a 136, 142, 144
  • Erik Merten shot a 102, 96, 120

AT 8 METERS (30 darts)

  • Dana Vonch shot a 112, 104, 124

AT 6 METERS (30 darts)

  • Tristin Feutz shot a 120, 112, 124

I checked my scores using the spreadsheet that the U.S.B.A. was so kind to create for us. I hope to be having another tourney within a month or two. I will try and post the date as soon as possible. Take care all, and I want to thank the U.S.B.A. for making a place for any American to compete with each other.

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