Old News (2010)

Enid, OK News for December 28 from Neondog

Much fun had by all although all in this case meant just a few. Ron-With-The-Wind opted out, pleading poor health, with the comfort of knowing that his lack of recent practice would have bridled him with the same results it handed me, that being several scores well below ones personal best.

I didn't really care that my performance would be lack-luster, I just felt like I had to do a little "on the clock" shooting.

My wife has practiced even less than I have but was able to shoot eight or ten "Bronze" rounds (25 or more points at ten meters) but couldn't get enough of them in a row to attain the rank.

Due to nobody being in a rush and lots of food consumption options, the tournament wound up being a three day affair.

My best games came on Thursday I think because we were ducking the wind which put us inside a residence with a single shooting lane. This forced us to alternate and that is something I'm not used to. On Thursday, my wife rested (slept off a serious dose of Chinese buffet) and I became a stranded shooter with Ron witnessing.

  • Total beverages consumed: I don't think anyone kept count, sorry
  • Total frosted doughnuts consumed: about twelve
  • Total baby octopi consumed: one (everything else was so good at the Chinese buffet I just had to try one!)

My scores were:

  • 25-29-29-29-31-31: 174
  • 25-25-29-29-29-35: 172
  • 33-27-29-31-33-25: 178
  • 31-29-29-27-27-25: 168
  • 27-29-33-31-29-31: 180
  • 31-31-29-29-25-27: 168
  • 27-31-29-25-29-33: 174
  • 31-29-24-29-27-33: 173
  • 31-33-31-29-29-31: 184
all at ten meters with a four foot fifty caliber (CT)

News from Florissant, CO for November 1

Still "stranded" but there are friends and family as witnesses. I shot a 158 (33-29-22-25-20-29) and a 162 (29-25-27-23-29-29). I then did a biathlon and shot a 168!(29-29-27-25-25-33) I ran 4.33 km in the twenty five minute period, for a total score of 873. Since it was Samhain, I later shot in the complete dark except for a candle under the target. I shot from 7M and got a score of 83 (four rounds.) Better luck next time, Blowgun Bob

Competition results from Carrollton, KY for 10/23/10

There were seven people attending, six shooters and one observer. Four of the six shooters are new to shooting blowguns. Only five games were shot this time due to late arrivals and early departures. This was the first time for Dylan Mejia even firing a blowgun.


  • Joshua Heacock (Bleaho): 127 (9m), 127 (9m)
  • Henry Canine: 54 (4m), 80 (6m)
  • Andres Camara: 44 (4m), 54 (4m)
  • Patrick Booth: 52 (4m), 52 (5m)
  • Dylan Mejia: 24 (4m), 37 (4m), 36 (4m)
  • Kaleb Nab: 60 (4m), 54 (5m)


  • Henry Canine advanced to Falcon.
  • Andres Camara advanced to Bee.
  • Patrick Booth advanced to Wasp.
  • Kaleb Nab advanced to Wasp.

News from Florissant, CO for October 1

I am, it appears a "stranded" competitor, but hopefully that will change. It was a gorgeous day here at 9,200 feet above sea level on the remote side of Pikes Peak. My friend Brennan came over to watch and shoot some. I wanted to get the Iron level out of the way, so I shot four games. Three of the results were above 150- a 160 and two 156's. Then, from 10 meters I shot a few games, and my best scores were- 154(25-25-23-29-23-29) and 140(23-23-20-27-22-25). Brennan shot from 9 Meters, and his best score was 83. Then I did a biathlon. I shot a 133, kept track of my score, and ran 4.54 kilometers(2.8 miles) in 25 minutes. I add 20% to the shooting score from 10 meters, because otherwise people will shoot from 9 meters, since there are still 30 darts total from that distance. So my score for the biathlon-133+26.6(20%)=159.6*4.54=725 points, a personal best. Then later, my friends Charlie and Rachel came over to watch. I shot a 152(31-20-25-29-27-20.) If you are ever in the area, drop by, there is plenty of hunting and fishing nearby. - Blowgun Bob

News from Carrollton, KY for 9/25/2010 by Joshua (Bleaho)

It was a very good day. We are starting to get the competitions running more smoothly and quickly. We enforced the time limits (last meet we let them slide as it was the first time any of us had shot), and it went quite well. The scores report may seem a little odd, but we had a few people who were trying to skip ranks.

We have encountered a question about the ranks. Does the shooting distance depend on the rank or title? Two of us have reached Iron rank, but only with a single qualifying score. Should we be shooting at 10 meters for Bronze, or continue to shoot at 9 meters until we have achieved Expert Level 1 title (requiring 3 scores)?

We view competition as a way of testing ourselves against our own scores. It would be hard to choose a single "winner". Eric Newcomer was the first to reach Iron Rank. Joel Cary had an excellent first time, rising from Unranked to Hawk. Joshua Heacock (Bleaho) had the highest scoring game at 9 meters, giving him the Iron Rank. (but this is one game after Eric had become Iron).

I am planning on hosting another competition in October, but right now, I can not set the date. The second and third weeks look promising, though the third week looks best now. If anyone is interested in joining us in October and would prefer a specific date, please let me know.

8 total shooters, including 2 new shooters. A total of 22 games were shot in roughly 5 hours. Scores:

  • Joel Cary - 66 (4m), 53 (5m), 80 (6m), 101 (7m), 69 (8m), 99 (9m), 90 (8m)
  • Alex Turner - 54 (4m), 28 (5m), 37 (5m), 54 (5m), 54 (6m), 47 (6m), 49 (6m), 47 (6m), 58 (6m), 50 (6m)
  • Henry Canine - 68 (6m), 58 (6m)
  • Conner Dermon - 58 (6m), 62 (6m), 73 (7m), 70 (7m), 92 (8m), DNF (8m)
  • Nate Newcomer - 78 (6m), 90 (7m), 66 (7m), 65 (7m), 54 (7m)
  • Mateo (Matt) Newcomer - 57 (6m), 84 (7m), 66 (6m), 64 (6m), 77 (6m), 78 (7m), 64 (7m)
  • Eric Newcomer - 89 (8m), 105 (8m), 136 (9m), 157 (9m), 146 (9m)
  • Bleaho (Joshua Heacock) - 88 (8m), 111 (8m), 129 (9m), 115 (9m), 162 (9m)

Rank/Title Changes:

  • Joel Cary - Unranked to Hawk (Novice Level 2)
  • Alex Turner - Unranked to Wasp (Junior Level 3)
  • Nate Newcomer - Wasp to Falcon (Novice Level 1)
  • Mateo (Matt) Newcomer - Wasp to Falcon (Novice Level 1)
  • Eric Newcomer - Hawk to Iron (Novice Level 3)
  • Bleaho (Joshua Heacock) - Hawk to Iron (Novice Level 3)

USBA_Score_Sheet-09102010.ods {Sep 10, 2010} (File updated 9/12)

We have a new spreadsheet for scoring and reporting competition results on our Targets and Forms page. You can score up to nine games per spreadsheet and you can use "Save As..." to filenames of your choice if you have more games than that.


Unfortunately, when the new spreadsheet is saved as an "XLS" (Microsoft Excel) file some of the formatting is lost. If you use Microsoft Office and don't want to install OpenOffice.org (free), you can still use the old USBA_Score_Sheet-09292008.xls version.

Attaching copies of spreadsheets with competition results to an email message addressed to us is the best way to report your game scores. Both the old and the new versions do extensive error checking to prevent mistakes and they handle all of the arithmetic for you.

News from Carrollton, KY for September 4.

There was a total of 7 shooters today. We also had 2 others that watched.

Here are the results:

  • Joshua Heacock (Bleaho) - 52 points (4m), 51 (5m), 87 (6m), 114 (7m), 89 (8m) Final Rank: Hawk
  • Nate Newcomer - 52 (4m), 38 (5m), DNF (5m), 50 (5m), 60 (6m), 56 (6m) Final Rank: Wasp
  • Mateo (Matt) Newcomer - 60 (4m), 46 (5m), 35 (5m), 52 (5m), 62 (6m), 71 (6m), 53 (6m), 68 (6m) Final Rank: Wasp
  • David Cooper - 68 (4m), 58 (5m), 77 (6m), 106 (7m) Final Rank: Hawk
  • Eric B. Newcomer - 66 (4m), 58 (5m), 79 (6m), 101 (7m), 99 (8m) Final Rank: Hawk
  • Henry Canine - 64 (4m), 56 (5m), 50 (6m), 71 (6m), 66 (6m) Final Rank: Wasp
  • Conner Derman - 40 (4m), 60 (4m), 50 (5m), 50 (6m), 59 (6m) Final Rank: Wasp

So, not a bad day. 4 Wasps, 3 Hawks. Hot dogs and Hamburgers were lunch and were delicious! We worked out a few minor issues, and we are a looking forward to having another shoot in the near future. I took some pictures and will (hopefully) post them soon.

No.21 IFA All Japan was held on Jul.18 {2010} in Tokushima.

No.1 Mitsuaki Yoshida 206 (Telescope sight blowgun 2 Kg9)
No.2 Yoshio Harada 196
No.3 Taketsugu Ishimoto 194
No.4 Shinsuke Kyoko (W) 184
No.5 Hakujiro Murakami(W) 187

Distance:10 m, wire ring target used.

I ask you that No.1 record by Mr.M.Yoshida could be the same world record as no mechanical sight blowgun world record.
cf. IFA Japan local rule permits laser and telescope sight and pipe supporter stand. In USA and France don't permit. Tell me yes or no.
Hironori Higuchi

The IFA is the only recognized World blowgun association. The world record for blowgun was tied in accordance with the rules of the IFA therefore the USBA has no authority to oppose it.
The world record is a three way tie. USBA will still attempt to tie or beat FSSA record without sight or laser but those who wish to shoot pure IFA rules will also have their scores respected.

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Members by State

We have a new Members by State page that lists our members ordered by state. Email addresses are displayed for members who have said it is OK to share this information. This information is not indexed by search engines, so we feel it is safe to do it this way. Members who share their email addresses want to hear from other members in their area who are interested in target competition.

Requirements for Iron Rank

When we started the USBA we introduced the new Junior and Novice levels to give more people a chance to compete and advance in rank. At the same time we changed the requirements for the Iron Rank from 120 points from 10 meters to 150 points from 9 meters which is more consistent than the way it has been done in the past. We recently made the decision to honor scores earned under both the old and the new rank requirements since we have several new members who have scored over 120 points from 10 meters and the rest of the blowgun world still recognizes this as worthy of the Iron Rank. Congratulations to all members who have recently been awarded the Iron Rank and we apologise for taking so long to recognize your accomplishment.

Lawton News for May 15 from Neondog

The "Top News" from this competition was Brooke Fife's steady improvement working her way up to a score of seventy-seven points in her fourth attempt from six meters which advances her two levels to the rank of Falcon.

All other participants realized the penalties of not practicing. I managed a 184 in the first game but was apparently worn out by the time I got warmed up as it was steadily downhill from that point on. Hoping to redeem myself at the next opportunity.

News from Dave Vonch in Southern Indiana for April 17

Dave Vonch 174,172,190,184,188
Jeremiah Vonch 162,156,160,152,150
Michelle Vonch 126,114,126,96,137
Dana Vonch 96,100,72,125,102
Tristin Feutz* 102,100,96,DNF,DNF
Erik Merten 118,132,126,122,DNF
Bud Bisbip 116,96,122,116,DNF
Alex Zapp 132,120,142,DNF,DNF

DNF = Did Not Finish
* = shot at 7 meters, totaling the scores of only 20 darts

We had a great time, it was a beautiful day, so we decided to have it outside. Most of my family and friends showed up, but no other U.S.B.A. members, which was a great disappointment. I thought that if I'd planned this tournament months in advance that maybe I could get a few to come. Anyways I will keep holding tourneys, mostly every month. If anyone that lives close to Southern Indiana would ever like to shoot in one of my tourneys, please e-mail me at vonch75@hotmail.com , I'd love to shoot next to someone new.

Stranded shooter in Cache, OK February 6

No competitive shooting was done account the outdoor shooting range was cold, windy, and soggy.

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