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Results for the first blowgun competiton in Puerto Rico 20-Aug-11

Hi everyone: here's the results for the first competition in Puerto Rico. It went excellent; eight shooters attended and three more shooters stayed as spectators. Here are the results:


  • Eugenio Santiago Santiago: 158(10m), 180(10m), 166(10m) = 504 Average = 168


  • Ricardo M. Geigel: 105(8m), 112(8m), 120(8m) = 337 Average = 112.3333
  • Coyox: 108(8m), 110(8m), 107(8m) = 325 Average = 108.3333
  • BrainWars: 114(8m), 98(8m), 107(8m) = 319 Average = 106.3333
  • Nestor Perez: 95(8m), 112(8m), 89(8m) = 296 Average = 98.66667
  • Mario Quinones: 96(8m), 93(8m), 95(8m) = 284 Average = 94.66667
  • Beto 787: 76(8m), 93(8m), 78(8m) = 247 Average = 82.33333
  • SilverFox: 94(8m), 69(8m), 83(8m) = 246 Average = 82

Results for Seattle on August 14

Today's competition went pretty quickly....only 3 of us were able to compete. Geoff Fulmer hurt his back, Lisa Lavoy and Noel Zank had to work, Nolan Libby didn't show up (I'll email him later and see what happened), and the kids that ranked previously in July could not attend. So it was me, Mike Wonder, and junior group member Isaac Rhodes. Isaac's Mom stayed as a witness (and will be trying her hand at competing at our next competition! Woo hoo!!!)

Anyhow, here are the results:

  • Isaac Rhodes: 45 (5m), 47 (5m) 39 (5m). No change from 5th kyu Mosquito.
  • Mike Wonder: 120 (8m), 113 (8m), 94 (8 m). Ranked up from no rank, now Eagle rank.
  • Restita DeJesus (me): 174 (10m), 168 (10m), 166 (10m), 164 (10m), 133 (10m). Ranked up from Iron expert, Now Silver expert.

This event was another potluck, and we had a lot of great food left over since we expected more people. More food for us! :) Another fun evening of shooting! Another competition for the Junior group members in another couple of months.....stay tuned!

Competition results from Restita DeJesus for Seattle Kid's Competition July 20

We had a great kid's competition on 7/20/2011 last week here in Seattle.....its been a crazy week so I've just now gotten the score spreadsheets prepared and put in a zip file to send to the powers-that-be. :) Nine kids participated and all ranked except for one. All kids were unranked at the time of the competition.

  • Casey Stensaas: 50 (4m), 47 (5m), 42 (5m) New rank: Bee
  • Anson Sevigny: 56 (4m), 49 (5m), 44 (5m) New rank: Bee
  • Cody Fulmer: 54 (4m), 49(5m), 27 (5m) New rank: Bee
  • Michael Guo 45 (4m), 40 (4m), 35 (4m) New rank: Mosquito
  • Marso Haynie 34 (4m), 32 (4m), 28 (4m) No rank
  • Connor Konen: 60 (4m) Bee, 54 (5m) Wasp, 104 (6m) Falcon. Final rank is Falcon
  • Ben DeLaCruz 47 (4m), 27 (5m), 25 (5m) New rank: Bee
  • Bijan Zavarei 43 (4m), 42 (4m), 39 (4m) new rank Mosquito
  • Owen Teachout: 58 (4m), 45 (5m), 40 5m) New rank: Bee

Since everyone shot only two rounds per game (except for Connor, who opted to shoot at 6 meters for his 3rd game), the competition didn't take very long at all. I didn't take any video footage of the event, because I was preoccupied with making sure the kids didn't run out to get their darts after a round. All participants did remember the rule of "don't get your darts until the rangemaster calls for it, and don't pull your darts till your score has been tallied." They did great, and their parents came to watch as well. It was fun for the kids to receive applause after each round. :)

The kids are so jazzed up about shooting that they've made up their own target games, and enjoy playing "tic tac toe". :) I'm glad that some of the parents have commented that this activity has held their attention and resulted in a couple of kids having a more patient attitude. YEAH!!!

All in all....a fun day!

News From Restita for Seattle, WA June 12 Competition

Hi everyone! Our Seattle group's first competition went well! It was great fun! Seven shooters attended (two couldn't make it due to other obligations). Three people borrowed my "house guns" and did well (two people having only two days experience).

Here's a short video compilation of the day. (A link to a video on the Blowgun Forum.)

Here are the results :

  • Nolan Libby: 168 (10m), 166 (10m), 165 (10m), 154 (10m), 153 (10m)
  • Restita DeJesus ("lady_yaya"): 173 (9m), 172 (scored 172 twice at 9m), 166 (9m), 159 (9m)
  • Geoff Fulmer ("Geoff"): 112 (8m), 110 (8m), 106 (8m)
  • Isaac Rhodes: 42 (4m), 33 (5m), 33 (5m) 10 years old
  • Jin White ("JinRyu"): 95 (8m), 91 (8m), 65 (8m)
  • Lyn Yancha ("Musik21"): 99 (8m), 98 (8m), 88 (8m)
  • Mike Wonder: 90 (8m), 82 (8m), 79 (8m)

Ranks and Titles (I've included the Japanese terms of the Dan/Kyu ranks, just for fun):

  • Nolan Libby: 4th Dan (Yondan), Silver Expert (Up from UnRanked)
  • Restita DeJesus: 2nd Dan (Nidan), Iron Expert (Up from UnRanked)
  • Geoff Fulmer: 1st Dan (Shodan), Eagle Novice (Up from UnRanked)
  • Isaac Rhodes: 5th Kyu (Gokkyu), Mosquito Junior (Up from Unranked)

It was a fun time had by all, and although several people didn't rank, they are hooked on blowgunning are are looking forward to practicing for the next competion. Great fun and great potluck food....chips and other munchies, roast pork from Seattle's Chinatown district (yum!) and rice. Good thing we waited till *after* shooting to eat all the goodies....we wouldn't have been able to shoot on stuffed stomachs anyhow! :)

I've got some pre-teens and teens that want to get started at blowgunning as well.....looks like I'll be hosting a "kids/juniors only" competition within the next month or so! I hope TargetZone gets back up online soon so my kids group can purchase their rigs.....I guess TZS is busy and backlogged at the moment and will be back up soon (from what I hear).

Well, I'm looking forward to practicing at 10 meters starting tomorrow! :)

Competition Videos by Joshua Heacock {May 23, 2011 11:51:05 PM}

Bleaho (Joshua) Heacock has made some videos showing how they set up for a match and some games from their 4/16/2011 competition. Videos of Competition on Youtube - A link to the message Josh posted on the Blowgun Forum.

Results for the April 16 Competition in Carrollton, KY

11 shooters attended, 11 rounds were shot, and the burgers were cooked by Gail and were very delicious!

We had 6 new shooters at this match.


  • Joel Cary - 67 (9m)
  • Joshua Heacock (bleaho) - 126 (10m), 130 (10m)
  • Eric Newcomer - 130 (10m), 135 (10m)
  • Henry Canine - 104 (9m), 84 (8m)
  • Dylan Mejia - 32 (5m), 37 (5m), 57 (5m), 69 (6m), 54 (6m), 90 (6m)
  • Brady McDole - 50 (5m), 29 (8m)
  • George W McDole - 99 (10m), 100 (8m)
  • Shawn Sturdivand - 66 (4m), 29 (5m), 48 (5m)
  • Skyler Sturdivant - 30 (4m), 56 (4m), 31 (5m)
  • Veronica Dietz - 13 (5m), 51 (5m), 59 (6m), 82 (6m), 62 (6m)
  • Vicente Sanchez - 38 (5m), 42 (5m), 50 (5m), 44 (6m), 101 (6m), 40 (7m), 69 (7m)


  • Joel Cary - Eagle/Novice 3 (no change)
  • Joshua Heacock (bleaho) - Iron/Expert 1 (no change)
  • Eric Newcomer - Silver/Expert 1 (no change)
  • Henry Canine - Hawk/Novice 2 (no change)
  • Dylan Meija - Wasp/Junior 3 (up from Bee/Junior 2)
  • Brady McDole - Wasp/Junior 3 (up from unranked)
  • George W McDole - Eagle/Novice 3 (up from unranked)
  • Shawn Sturdivand - Bee/Junior 2 (up from unranked)
  • Skyler Sturdivant - Bee/Junior 2 (up from unranked)
  • Veronica Dietz - Wasp/Junior 3 (up from unranked)
  • Vicente Sanchez - Falcon/Novice 1 (up from unranked)

Thanks to everyone who came out and shot with us!
The delay in the score posting is due to procrastination + laziness + Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat. I'm sorry for the wait.

The next event looks to be for the second weekend of May. I'll post more information as soon as I know more.

Joshua (bleaho)

Results from St. Albans, VT for April 2, 2011

Here are the results from our meet last Saturday. Three of our shooters apparently took their scoresheets home, so I'll post their scores when I get them. We had a total of seven people shooting with five men, two women and an age range of 25 to 65! Three of them were brand new to blowguns. Plenty of tasty and non-nutritious food was available.

4-2-2011 Champlain Valley COTN Blowgun Competition St.. Albans, VT

First Game 7 shooters

  • R.Mann shooting at 5m (33-29) (29-25) (33-23) total 172 -->> 62/5m - 54/5m - 56/5m
  • M.Mann Shooting at 4m 20-18-18-27-15-10 Total 108
  • C.Mudgett Shooting at 4m 23-27-33-31-23-23 Total 160
  • S.Rafferty Shooting at 4m 18-13-23-23-13-19 Total 109
  • H.Smith Shooting at 4m (Scores Unavailable)
  • A.Smith Shooting at 4m (Scores Unavailable)
  • J.Steele Shootin at 4m (Scores Unavailable)

Second Game 7 shooters

  • R.Mann shooting at 6m (29-13-23-25) 25-25 total 140 -->> 90/6m
  • M.Mann Shooting at 4m 14-24-18-18-18-24-3 Total 101
  • C.Mudgett Shooting at 5m 25-18-25-23-21-23 Total 135
  • S.Rafferty Shooting at 4m 14-25-17-13-21-18 Total 108
  • H.Smith Shooting at 4m (Scores Unavailable)
  • A.Smith Shooting at 4m (Scores Unavailable)
  • J.Steele Shootin at 4m (Scores Unavailable)

PRIVATE! {Feb 18, 2011 10:33:20 AM}

Something has been bugging me for a long time. I really want anybody that is interested in blowgun sport to have frequent opportunities to participate in a competition.

Allowing homemade equipment has helped a few people get into the game and so has the stranded shooter clause but there are still a lot of guys (and girls) that are reluctant to plan, post and put on a competition because of one or more of the following concerns:

  • don't want total strangers in their house
  • don't want moochers in their house
  • don't want to clean house
  • don't want to wear clothes
  • don't have permission to invite strangers
  • have dogs that eat strangers

Therefore, in the interest of a bunch of people, I've decided to allow private competitions and invitation only competitions.

"OH NO!!" you say, "what about the cheaters?!!"

If somebody wants to cheat the current system, it isn't hard at all. They can just register as John Doe from Wadaheck, Montana and shoot as a stranded shooter with their other brother Earl as their witness. The USBA has been dependent on your honesty and will continue to be so until our numbers grow to the point that nobody is stranded.

Two weeks notice prior to the event is still required.

Hope you like this,
Steve Damon
founder USBA

Results of 2/12/11 Competition shoot in Carrollton, KY

Howdy Blowgunners! Sorry for the delay in posting, I've not been feeling 100% lately. 11 Shooters shot 14 games in just under 5 hours. We had 2 non-shooters, who assisted with verifying scores and running the kitchen for us. Hamburgers, chips, and soda were provided and was delicious!

Here are the scores:

  • Mateo (Matt) Newcomer: 67 (7m), 55 (7m), DNF (10m), No score recorded (7m)
  • Nate Newcomer: 40 (7m), 39 (7m), 80 (7m), 72 (7m), 61 (7m), 51 (7m)
  • Dustin Rosenbaum (new shooter): 54 (4m), 58 (5m), 73 (6m), 93 (6m), 89 (6m), 80 (6m), 96 (6m), 93 (6m), 77 (6m), DNF (10m)
  • Steve Rosenbaum (new shooter): 64 (5m), 119 (6m)
  • Henry Canine: 101 (7m), 78 (8m), 89 (8m), 75 (8m), 69 (8m)
  • Conner Dermon: 65 (6m), 68 (6m), 58 (6m)
  • Ellen Moyer: 48 (5m), 27 (5m)
  • Joel Cary: 76 (8m), 85 (8m), 92 (8m), 88 (8m), 90 (8m), 46 (10m), 104 (8m), 90 (9m)
  • Juggernaut (Sean): 127 (10m), 151 (10m), 137 (10m)
  • Eric Newcomer: 156 (10m), 167 (10m), 115 (10m)
  • Joshua (bleaho) Heacock: 143 (10m), 126 (10m), 138 (10m), 126 (10m)

Title Changes:

  • Joel Cary - Eagle, Novice 3
  • Eric Newcomer - Silver, Expert 2
  • Dustin Rosenbaum - Wasp
  • Juggernaut - Bronze, Expert 1
  • Henry Canine - Hawk, Novice 2
  • Steve Rosenbaum - Falcon, Novice 1

Not a bad day of shooting! We are looking forward to the next competition, which should be either the second or third Saturday of March. Details will be posted as we get closer to it.

New Falcon Requirement {Jan 26, 2011 8:37:16 AM}

We are changing the requirement for the Falcon rank to make it easier to remember how many darts and rounds for each rank.

The old requirement for Falcon was 75 points from 6m with 3 rounds / 15 darts total.
The new requirement for Falcon is 100 points from 6m with 4 rounds / 20 darts total.

This way, all of the Juniors will be 2 rounds / 10 darts total, the Novice class will be 4 / 20, and Expert and Master will be 6 / 30 and it will not change the Avg Score per Dart for the Falcon rank. The new requirements are:

USBA Ranks

Just by adding one round to Falcon rank you get three easy to remember numbers of rounds and darts (2 / 10, 4 / 20, and 6 / 30) and it also makes the minimum scores easier to remember. We will use a # character to indicate Falcon ranks attained under the old rule.

Two Competition Score Sheet spreadsheets on the Targets and Forms page have been updated due to the new Falcon requirement:

  • USBA_Score_Sheet-01252011.xls (Microsoft Excel)
  • USBA_Score_Sheet-01252011.ods (

The USBA Ranks and Titles page has been updated as well as the download PDF version linked to at the bottom of the page, USBA Ranks and Titles rev 01262011.pdf.

Results from St. Albans, Vermont January 22

We had four shooters for the scored portion of the meet, with 3 observers. One of the observers wanted to shoot but couldn't due to being sick, the other was a bit timid so she decided to only shoot during the practice time. Several people who wanted to come could not; one was traveling for work, another was scheduled to work as well, a third had car trouble and another was on a cruise with his wife(!).

We had a practice time and then shot two games of 6 rounds each over the course of two hours; we had four shooting lanes but only used two at a time.

Here are the scores:
Shooter: Jeff S.

  • Game 1: 15-31-25-21-26-24 @ 4m 4 ft .40 2-piece tube {46 46 50}
  • Game 2: 18-29-19-17-16-25 @ 4m {47 36 41} = Bee / Junior 2
Shooter: Hal S.
  • Game 1: 26-18-19-16-15-8 @ 4m 2 ft .40 tube {44 35 23}
  • Game 2: 20-16-18-22-12-9 @ 4m {36 40 21} = Mosquito / Junior 1
Shooter: Steve R. (Steve scored the only 'Robin Hood'!)
  • Game 1: 20-23-11-25-27-18 @ 4m 3 ft .40 tube {43 36 45}
  • Game 2: 18-12-11-10-12-27 @ 4m {30 21 39} = Mosquito / Junior 1
Shooter: Ray M. (me!)
  • Game 1: 27-29-31-27-31-29 @ 4m 3 ft .40 tube
  • Game 2: 24-27-27-33-24-27 @ 5m {51 60 51} = Wasp / Junior 3

Northwest Vermont Blowgun Tournament

We had lots of 'guy' food, and had a great time. Everyone agreed that we need to do this on a regular basis, so we will be planning the next event soon. Even better, several of my friends pastoring in the area thought the idea had such a 'cool factor' that they are thinking of hosting events.

Not bad for our first time, I'd say.


Ray Mann
Champlain Valley Church of the Nazarene

Carrollton, KY News for January 15

Our first official competition of the year was a great success. Fourteen total shooters, six of them were in their first USBA shoot. Nine or ten games were officially shot. There was a little confusion, as some scores were not added up for a previous game when people shot in a new one, which resulted in some people shooting at a distance below their rank (though we did not know it, as they had not added up their scores!) It was a very good day for everyone, as we are still learning how to make the process smoother. We came up with some great ideas for the next competition.


  • Jessica M Kamphouse - 39 (4m), 47 (4m), 41 (5m), 47 (5m), 41 (5m)
  • Casey Martin - 50 (4m), 63 (4m), 37 (5m)
  • Sean - 64 (4m), 116 (10m), 68 (5m), 96 (10m), 91 (6m), 110 (7m), 76 (8m)
  • Ellen - 62 (4m), 42 (5m)
  • Dylan Mejia - 52 (4m), 49 (5m), 41 (5m)
  • Joshua "Bleaho" Heacock - 122 (10m), 135 (10m)
  • Andres Esquivel (Camara) - 103 (7m), 151 (10m)
  • Henry Canine - 82 (7m), 70 (10m)
  • Conner Dermon - 48 (7m), 34 (7m)
  • Matt "Mateo" Newcomer - 69 (6m), 58 (7m), 46 (7m)
  • Eric Newcomer - 150 (10m), 137 (10m)
  • Nate Newcomer - 34 (7m)
  • Ignacio Pascual - 70 (4m), 83 (7m), 58 (5m), 79 (6m), 71 (7m)
  • Sergio Pascual - 68 (4m), 71 (7m), 60 (5m), 78 (6m)


  • Eric Newcomer - Bronze/Expert 1
  • Joshua "Bleaho" Heacock - Iron/Expert 1
  • Andres Esquivel (Camara)- Bronze/Novice 3
  • Sean - Hawk/Novice 2
  • Ignacio Pascual - Falcon/Novice 1
  • Sergio Pascual - Falcon/Novice 1
  • Jessica M Kamphouse - Bee/Junior 2
  • Casey Martin - Bee/Junior 2
  • Dylan Mejia - Bee/Junior 2
  • Ellen - Bee/Junior 2

A big congrats to everyone who shot and hopefully we will see everyone again at our next match!

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