Rules of the USBA

The rules of the IFA (International Fukiyado Association) are the basis of the USBA rules.

IFA Frequent Asked Quetions

USBA Ranking System

We use a modified ranking system that includes titles and levels. There is no minimum time in rank requirement and skipping ranks is OK if your skill level will let you do it. For beginners, we recommend you start at a shorter distance and get a qualifying score before trying to compete at longer distances. For Junior and Novice titles you only need one score to qualify and at most levels you shoot fewer rounds (one round = five darts), so you can advance quickly until you reach the rank that is a real challenge for you. When you shoot in the Expert and Master classes you still need only one score to qualify for a higher rank. You will need two more scores, a total of three at that rank or above, to earn the title and level with the score requirement of that rank.

Stranded Shooters

Any registered USBA member who is unable to attend a regular sanctioned competition without undue hardship due to the cost of traveling, scheduling conflicts, or physical limitations may submit witnessed scores which will be counted toward rank progression within the USBA. Notice must be given two weeks in advance with the date, time, and location of the proposed event. This is to allow unregistered enthusiasts in their area time to come forward and to allow other USBA members time to consider joining the Stranded Shooter or to notify any possible opponent they are aware of in that area. The name of the witness must be submitted with scores. All scores from Stranded Shooters will be acknowledged and have equal merit for rank and title advancement in the USBA. A score that ties an existing record or would break an existing world record will have an asterisk by it to note that the score was submitted by a Stranded Shooter.

IFA world record says anyone who marked the highest score. The score must be witnessed by three and more people. The player must be known by his real name and address. I confirm him by the letter if he sent me the record by mail. - Hironori Higuchi


Competitions should be announced at least two weeks in advance to allow members time to see the notification and prepare for the event. In order to be sanctioned, the event must have at least two members of the USBA and one additional member or observer to act as a witness and referee. Targets should be provided by the competition host and conform to IFA regulations. "Stranded" individuals printing their own target should make certain that a CD completely covers the five point ring as should anyone hosting a competition. The amount of practice to be allowed before the competition begins is at the discretion of the competition host. During each round players should wait until all others have finished shooting before advancing to the target to check their scores to keep from being a distraction to them.


The USBA wants to encourage minors to participate as long as they have the consent of their parent or legal guardian but only at fully sanctioned events and at the discretion of an adult competition host. If you are a minor, check with the competition host before the date of a planned event. A competition host must insure that all beginners use an anti-inhale mouthpiece and are properly instructed in the safe use of the blowgun. Whether the parent or guardian must remain with the minor is up to the host, but the host should not be considered a baby sitter and unruly or unsafe behavior must not be allowed.

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