World Records

The USBA recognizes Mr. Mitsuaki Yoshida as a Diamond Grand Master.

Mitsuaki Yoshida

On Sep.23 at IFA Hiroshima Branch Fukuyama monthly Blowgun Shooting Mr. Mitsuaki Yoshida marked 210 points for two times. He is the first man who made the perfect game in sport blowgun.
Mr.M.Yoshida's pipe weighs 2.5 Kg (5.6 LB) one sight is attached on the muzzle. Paper cone is 11mm (41 cal) 20 cm (5.8inch) long weight is unclear. He wiped dew about one foot depth in the pipe every time after he blew.
IFA rule banned double sights. He used one pipe sight which is affixed on the muzzle. He sees the target through the short pipe. Pipe is the same as peeping ring sight.
Wire rings was placed on paper target faces, scoreing was accurate, the points were confirmed by the members of the group. I will send wire ring if you want. Hironori
On Oct. 30 IFA Hiroshima branch held monthly competition at Fukuyama Handi.Sport Center. Mr. M. Yoshida attained the perfect game again.


No.21 IFA All Japan was held on Jul.18 {2010} in Tokushima.

No.1 Mitsuaki Yoshida 206 (Telescope sight blowgun 2 Kg9)
No.2 Yoshio Harada 196
No.3 Taketsugu Ishimoto 194
No.4 Shinsuke Kyoko (W) 184
No.5 Hakujiro Murakami(W) 187

Distance:10 m, wire ring target used.

I ask you that No.1 record by Mr.M.Yoshida could be the same world record as no mechanical sight blowgun world record.
cf. IFA Japan local rule permits laser and telescope sight and pipe supporter stand. In USA and France don't permit. Tell me yes or no.
Hironori Higuchi

The IFA is the only recognized World blowgun association. The world record for blowgun was tied in accordance with the rules of the IFA therefore the USBA has no authority to oppose it.
The world record is a three way tie. USBA will still attempt to tie or beat FSSA record without sight or laser but those who wish to shoot pure IFA rules will also have their scores respected.

10m World Record tied in France on October 3, 2009

Jean-François BOULMIER (alias Jeff) and Lionel BELLANGER (alias Yoyo) are co-record holders at 10m with 206 points in 6x5 consecutive shots. Yoyo's twelve game total for the two day event was 2390 for an average of 199.166... This was not a fluke, just a minor flucuation in an astounding performance. Way to go, Yoyo!

Image courtesy FSSA

Image courtesy FSSA

The current world record for distance competition is 25 meters held by Jean-François Boulmier.

image courtesy FSBA

Image courtesy FSBA

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