The USBA is an affiliate of the International Fukiyado Association (IFA).

We follow the rules of the IFA. We are using a modified ranking system that includes beginner levels and adds a title and level system to the basic ranks.

There is no charge for USBA membership and members are under no obligation to do anything. Anyone of legal age (18 and above) can hold a tournament and participation by minors is encouraged. Please see our Rules page for the details.

Thousands of people in Japan enjoy this sport as well as hundreds in France and many in Germany. The sport is growing slowly in the United States. It seems that our main problem is low population density. The population of the USA is more than twice that of Japan but their population density is ten times as high as ours. That means that we have to travel on average ten times as far to attend a competition. Even if there are no members or only a few in your area, we encourage you to join the USBA so that others will know that there is interest in the sport where you are located.


  • None scheduled.

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Private / stranded shooter in Westminster, MD on November 4.

It went pretty well. I decided just to shoot at 7 meters and scored 112, 114, and 120. I'm satisfied with the scores considering the fact that yesterday was the first time I had shot at a target at that distance. I think now I will relax and work on technique for a while and make sure my skills are solid before trying for the next rank.

I'm trying to convince my son to join the USBA and shoot for rank, but I don't know if he will do that or if he just wants to continue shooting for fun. - Dave Warner

F.T.C.P.R. Competition results April,28 2012

Hello to everyone.

Due to unforseen medical problems, only three club members participated in the F.T.C.P.R. April 28th tournament. Not withstanding the lack of participants, it was a well fought out tourney. The following are the official results:

F.T.C.P.R. : COMPETITION RESULTS : April,28,2012

  • Eugenio Santiago Santiago: (10m) 184, 166, 188 = 538, 179.3 Game avg., 5.98 Avg. per dart
  • Ricardo M. Geigel: (10m) 178, 152, 170 = 500, 166.7 Game avg., 5.56 Avg. per dart
  • Priest: Jose Quintero: (7m) 111, 109, 105 = 325, 108.3 Game avg., 5.42 Avg. per dart

News from St. Albans, VT Competition on March 31, 2012

The competition went off well. We had 10 people competing, and a couple of observers. Our winner from the last competition was unable to attend due to her work schedule, so we will look for her next time around. One of our other competitors was playing golf in a warmer climate...why he would want to do THAT, I don't know (Thom, I'll trade places with you next time!).

Overall scores between the two games we shot ended up with first place going to Ray Mann (me), second place going to Chad Mudgett, third place was Chris Sullivan and Honorable Mention to Brenda Smith. First and second place were tied, so a shoot-off was run. Close competition! Most importantly, everyone had a good time and some new friendships were made!

We intend to have two more competitions this calendar year, and a few practices in between. Here are the scores (with one missing due to a missing score sheet):

Chris Sullivan
(29/4m-26/4m) (23/5m-23/5m) (23/5m-27/5m) -->> 55/4m - 46/5m - 50/5m
(20/6m-25/6m-25/6m-29/6m) 27/6m-21/7m -->> 99/6m

Robyn Sullivan
(15/4m-15/4m) (18/4m-23/4m) (25/4m-21/5m) -->> 30/4m - 41/4m - 46/4m
(20/5m-14/5m) (12/5m-11/5m) (22/5m-25/5m) -->> 34/5m - 23/5m - 47/5m

Jeff Steele

Chad Mudgett

Alisa Smith

Harold Smith

Raye Mudgett

Jackie Crego

Ray Mann
(24/5m-31/5m) (23/5m-27/5m) (31/5m-17/6m) -->> 55/5m - 50/5m - 48/5m
(29/6m-29/6m-29/6m-25/6m) 22/7m-15/7m -->> 112/6m

Brenda Smith (Missing Scoresheet)

Hopefully this picture will come through alright. Taken by Robyn Sullivan, this is a picture of the "final roundup"!

Results for blowgun competition in Puerto Rico February 25, 2012

Seven club members participated as well as three newcomers. A fine time was had by all.
The following are the official results for "Federacion de Tiro con Cerbatana de Puerto Rico"


  • Eugenio Santiago Santiago: 182(10m), 166(10m), 152(10m) = 500 Avg. per dart = 5.55556
  • Coyox: 161(10m), 159(10m), 151(10m) = 471 Avg. per dart = 5.23333
  • Ricardo M. Geigel: 158(10m), 155(10m), 146(10m) = 459 Avg. per dart = 5.1
  • Nestor Perez: 149(10m), 146(10m), 116(10m) = 411 Avg. per dart = 4.56667


  • Mario Quinones: 159(9m), 151(9m) 147(9m) = 457 Avg. per dart = 5.07778


  • Silver Fox: 102(8m), 100(8m), 82(8m) = 284 Avg. per dart = 4.73333


  • Priest: Jose Quintero: 124(6m), 111(6m), 107(6m) = 342 Avg. per dart = 5.7

Everyone established or advanced in rank or title. Good show!

Before Feb. 25 competition:
Before Feb. 25

After Feb. 25 competition:
After Feb. 25

The USBA recognizes Mr. Mitsuaki Yoshida as a Diamond Grand Master.

Mitsuaki Yoshida

On Sep.23 at IFA Hiroshima Branch Fukuyama monthly Blowgun Shooting Mr. Mitsuaki Yoshida marked 210 points for two times. He is the first man who made the perfect game in sport blowgun.
Mr.M.Yoshida's pipe weighs 2.5 Kg (5.6 LB) one sight is attached on the muzzle. Paper cone is 11mm (41 cal) 20 cm (5.8inch) long weight is unclear. He wiped dew about one foot depth in the pipe every time after he blew.
IFA rule banned double sights. He used one pipe sight which is affixed on the muzzle. He sees the target through the short pipe. Pipe is the same as peeping ring sight.
Wire rings was placed on paper target faces, scoreing was accurate, the points were confirmed by the members of the group. I will send wire ring if you want. Hironori
On Oct. 30 IFA Hiroshima branch held monthly competition at Fukuyama Handi.Sport Center. Mr. M. Yoshida attained the perfect game again.


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St. Albans, VT Tournament Scheduled for September 10

Well, it is unfortunate, but due to last minute problems we had to push this competition into October. We will reannounce the meet when we have a firm date. - Rev. Ray Mann

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Northwest Vermont Blowgun Tournament

Madison, IN group picture

From right to left, Michelle, Dave and son Tristin, Dana and Jeremiah, then Bud and Dana's son.

Lawton, OK group picture

Neondog, Lani, Joe Fife and Brooke Fife

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